pulse3.jpgAs our friend The Reeler reported earlier today, Eamonn Bowles, president of Magnolia Pictures, who own the rights to the Japanese version of Pulse okayed the use of a shot from the original in Dimension's remake. "Is it scandalous? No," Bowles said. "Is it weird? Yes. You don't usually see the same shot used in a different film, but that was something [Dimension] had come to us about. And we said yes. There isn't anything scandalous about it at all." Though this left some doubt in my mind whether the new film was shot-for-shot mimicking Kiyoshi Kurosawa's, or if, as Magnolia-employed PR agency Special Ops breathlessly alleged yesterday, if new director Jim Sonzero had essentially disembowled the original film and used it for found-footage scraps.

Apparently, it was the latter. A seperate source at Magnolia told me this afternoon that the shot was actually lifted wholesale from the original – the actress was not "replaced", as some of us had suspected; the image was left alone. Why would the distributor do such a thing? There a few factors going on here. Miramax was originally slated to release Kurosawa's film in the U.S.; they left it on the shelf for years, and Magnolia picked it up from them in a divorce sale. They opened it super-small a couple of weeks ago (hence our review), but not much happened with it. A "controversy" such as this (whether Bowles wants to call it that or not) could very well be a semi-savvy last-ditch effort to ignite interest in the original before it goes to DVD. What say you?
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