No Review Roundup today - partially because Martha is out of town, and partially because there is, like, nothing to review. As you know, Aeon Flux wasn't screened for critics; we refused to allow the Tom Arnold-scripted The Kid and I  to be screened for us. Otherwise, you've got Transamerica, which I lukewarmly nod in the gereal direction of; documentaries Be Here to Love Me(which Chris loved) and Boys of Baraka, (which Chris finds generally disappointing); and that's basically it. But - and it's a big but - we'll have reviews of Flux and Adam Goldberg's I Love Your Work by the end of the weekend, and on Monday – oh, sweet Monday – you should be able to pull up Cinematical the minute you sit down at the computer and find Ryan's review of The Chronicles of Narnia staring you square in the face. Unless you're late for work. In that case, it's your own fault.