December is a month when many people frequent parties or shopping malls. But some of us would rather frequent movie theaters, and not just for Hollywood blockbusters. The colder weather (relative to Austin, anyway) makes me wish that more movie theaters served hot cocoa with marshmallows and maybe a cookie or graham cracker on the side. This would take the edge of the chill in the theaters. However, I'll suppose I'll have to make do with hot buttered popcorn.

Austin has movies for all budgets this week: from free ticket giveaways and coffeehouse films to film-and-feast prices at Alamo to triple-digit premiere-plus-reception tickets. I think I'll have to lean on the free side this week, especially with all the holiday shopping straining the budget, but those higher-end film events sure do look tempting.

  • If you're reading this early enough, you might be able to catch the last episode of "SXSW Presents" Friday at 10 pm on KLRU. Tonight's offering is Prizewhores, Jenn Garrison's 2002 documentary about people who follow the promotional vans for radio stations to get free stuff.
  • Looking for somewhere different to do Christmas shopping this year? Austin Film Society is hosting a garage sale of props from the production of The Wendell Baker Story, which just wrapped in Austin. The sale takes place on Saturday, Dec. 3 starting at 9 am at the stage 4 parking lot of Austin Studios.
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