funwithdickandjane.jpgHas the budget of Fun With Dick and Jane soared past $100 million? Is star/producer demanding up to 40 takes? Were 30 pages reshot over the course of two, frantic last-minute weeks? Yes, yes, and yes, but guess what? According to a long piece in today's LA Times, test screenings suggest that this already-legendary debacle isn't actually that bad.

Yep, word on the street is that Dick sees Carrey in vintage, over-the-top, highly bankable top form – which is bad news for those of us who like Carrey best when he's playing against type, in films such as The Cable Guy, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Despite the fact that the script is the work of Judd Apatow, who also wrote Guy and directed the not-at-all-terrible 40 Year-Old Virgin earlier this year,     wrangles a handful of quotes that indicate that the material is total crap. Examples:

  • Director Dean Parisot: "At the last second, my prop guy had these voice boxes that are a kid's toy ... I showed it to Jim and immediately he takes the voice box [and begins improvising]. Literally, there are two hours of footage from that scene where he is going on with that."
  • Carrey explaining why his comedy requires 40 takes: "Because you are looking for something spontaneous, you will do a lot of takes."
  • Ennumerating the piles of rewrites: "[O]ne scene that came in late has Dick and Jane and their son soaping up and bathing in a neighbor's sprinkler."
  • "The movie's central conceit is that Dick and Jane aren't really bad people. They just go a little bonkers, causing all sorts of mayhem yet suffering no consequences for their crimes."
Sadly, I have to go see this thing regardless – the question is, will you?