EqualizerRemember The Equalizer TV show from the 1980s? In it, British actor Edward Woodward played Robert McCall, a guy with a dark past who was trying to atone for it by showing up once a week on CBS to help people who had nowhere else to turn. And now, thanks to the Weinstein Brothers, he'll be appearing on movie screen all over the world.

Though there are no details yet about screenplay, director, or cast, the production team includes Mace Neufeld, who was behind all four of the Jack Ryan films. While the news of this project is potentially exciting to Equalizer fans, the fact that Neufeld sees it as a potential "big franchise series to follow up on [his] Tom Clancy films" is likely less so. Why not focus on making one really good movie rather than assume from the beginning that there will be a whole mess of them? After all, it's not as if the Ryan series didn't get progressively worse as it went along.

Another potential problem is casting - the key to the TV series was Woodward, and it will be awfully hard to find someone who can step into his role effectively (this will not, I realize, stop them from casting a Wilson). Who would you most like to see play McCall?
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