Does anyone out there actually read Top Cow Comics? As far as I am aware, this represents a real scraping of the bottom of the proverbial comic book barrel. Miramax must want to get in on the comic book fad without actually paying dollars for it. They have purchased the rights to Top Cow's Darkness, probably in exchange for some magic beans. Asian horror directors the Pangbrothers have been tapped by Miramax and production will reportedly begin next month. According to Comic Book Movie, "in The Darkness, mafia hitman Jackie Estacado discovers he is the heir to a formidable mystical force called the Darkness and he is the only one who can stop a supernatural power bent on enslaving humanity."

Congratulations, Top Cow, you can hang out with the big boys now, and pretend like you are one of them. I don’t know, though. I haven’t heard much from Top Cow in several years; maybe they’ve grown up as a company, and don’t deserve the criticism I’m heaping upon them. After all- they got way farther than I could with comic writing. Top Cow fans out there want to tell me why I should change my opinion of them?

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