Angelina and BradOur good friends over at Joystiq are reporting that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, everyone's favorite SuperCouple of human rights causes, are meeting with Nintendo about creating a game about United Nations goodwill. Seems the UN released a freely downloadable game called Food Force a while back, where you have to deliver food to citizens in war-zone areas while avoiding getting blown to bits by hostile forces, and it was surprisingly popular. Could it be that gamers might actually get off on a game that involves more than just running around blowing each other up for no apparent reason?

I'm wondering what kind of game Jolie and Pitt are envisioning here. I can see the appeal of Food Force, but how else would you make a UN-based game exciting? Live-action UN sessions with UN representatives from opposing countries flipping each other off and throwing spitwads at each other? Extra points if you invade another country without killing too many innocent civilians? And bonus points if you can keep the Syrian representative from storming out after you place economic sanctions on his country! Any ideas out there for what would make you play a game about the UN?

[ via Game Politics ]

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