Aeon FluxIn this day of the XBox frenzy, it's not surprising that many of the big holiday movies come at us not only with their own million dollar advertising campaigns, but also with associated, multi-platform games. In some cases (as with Aeon Flux), the games are even better-reviewed than their inspirations.

Since Cinematical happens to have a sibling who is much better equipped to discuss this sort of thing than we are, we present a quick roundup of Joystiq's coverage of the biggest recent movie-related games:

  • Aeon Flux: The game is "a good introduction to a stylish, obscure universe," and gets a solid B across the sites sampled by Joystiq. Plus, it features Charlize Theron's voice - what's not to love?
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Gamers aren't impressed by this particular entry into the Potter game-verse. To sum up, "stay away unless you’re a Potter fan with a lot of patience." (And I'm sure the guys who made this one are crying all the way to the bank.)
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: This game gets really mixed reviews, from D to A and everything in between. Joystiq sums things up this way: "The Chronicles of Narnia certainly warrants a look. How much of a look will depend on your level of fascination with the source material."
  • King Kong: This one, which you can play as either Kong or Adrien Brody, is available on a total of eight platforms and sounds like a pretty solid game. Weirdly, one of the best reviews describes it as "accessible without being dumb." This is high praise?
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