GunnmIt's been rumored for a while now that James Cameron's next movie project will be a live-action adaptation of Battle Angel, a popular manga (called Gunnm in Japan) that has already been brought to screen as anime. Well, Based on a recent casting call, the movie is definitely happening - and, potentially at least, it's going to have an unknown in the role of Alita, a warrior robot chick. Needless to say, the lady is hot. Additionally (at least according to the text of the call), "She moves and behaves with confidence and a sense of nobility. Lithe as a cat. Athletic and agile, she is a warrior." Rowr.

According to the full text of the casting call, anyone between about 16 and 29 will be considered, regardless of ethnicity (hotness is assumed, of course). One online resource claims that the character as drawn somewhat resemblesKate Beckinsale and Mia Kirshner, except younger, and wearing tighter clothes. Gunnma fans, if you were in charge, who would you cast as Alita?
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