King KongIn what has to be one of the more unique ways I've ever seen a movie marketed, a new website allows you to pick amongst an assortment of different celebrities, choose their method of destruction, then Kong comes and gets the job done. You have Paris Hilton, Ahnald Schwarzenegger, Desperate Housewives, The Cruise (made up of both Tom and Katie), Dubya and, well, you. That's right, they even allow you to upload a photo of your choice (think: ex-girlfriend, monster-in-law or annoying boss.) Complete with background music (Danger Zone for Cruise!) and dialogue, one must decide whether or not Kong will eat Dubya, smash him, crap on him or sit on him. It's all flash-animated, but it really is fun if you've got nothing better to do. Peter Jackson'sKing Kong premieres in New York on Monday, and so I'd get ready for a whole lot of that furry gorilla all up in your grill for the next couple weeks. 

[via MCN]

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