Sean ConneryWhile Sean Connery, mercifully, seems to be mature enough not to turn into the whining little baby that he fellow ex-Bond Pierce Brosnan has recently become, that hasn't stopped him from weighing in on Casino Royale. Refreshingly, Connery proclaims himself quite pleased with Daniel Craig (even though he's BLONDE - you might not have heard that), calling him "a terrific choice." The actor is also glad that the series is "returning to a more realistic type" rather than continuing to push the clever tech angle ever-further.

What Connery is upset about, though, is that the movie is being filmed outside of the UK, at least partly for tax reasons (and this man knows his taxes - he lives in the Bahamas to escape them). In addition to Prague, where some of Casino Royale will be shot, Romania and the Czech Republic have recently been drawing a lot of business away from the UK because of a more generous tax structure. This, believes the Scot, is damaging both to the domestic film industry and tourism as well. Duly noted, Sean.

Paging Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton: you're required by your exit contract to talk about this movie, you know. We're waiting.
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