Aeon Flux
traces its lineage back to a cartoon that no one ever watched because it wasn't as compelling as Beavis & Butthead, and the movie carries on that ambitious tradition. For those who haven't had the pleasure: Four hundred years from now, an unbeatable plague has rendered all of Earth uninhabitable. A few lucky survivors have managed to wall themselves off into a post-everything, Sting music video-state where they can pursue a life of idle chatting and lounging, but cracks are starting to appear in their Jericho paradise. The citizens are ruled over by a increasingly demanding governing council. It provides food, water and the latest fall fashions, but accepts no disobedience - anyone who becomes a threat is whisked off the streets in broad daylight. Even more alarming, the government refuses to offer any comment on why, every now and then, the sky overhead is criss-crossed by a flying, motorized jellyfish. With Pete Postlethwaite at the controls. Wearing an empty peanut shell as clothes. Soon enough, a popular rebellion arises.

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