Get SmartPeter Segal (The Longest Yard, 50 First Dates) has been tapped to direct the big-screen adaptation of Get Smart for Warner Bros. The classic TV series, which starred Don Adams as Agent 86, will be set in present day and feature Steve Carrell in the much-beloved role. Originally created by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry, the story follows Agent 86 and Agent 99 as they battle the evil forces of KAOS for the spy agency, CONTROL. After a re-write by Tom Astle and Matt Ember, the updated story is said to revolve around the hard times CONTROL faces when they are not awarded some of the government funding given to other agencies like the CIA. As of yet, there's still no word on the casting of Carrell's more-competent other half, Agent 99. Now that Segal is on board, expect things to start moving at a faster pace. Well, that's if you even what them to?
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