X-Men Films has some exciting news regarding the visual effects in the upcoming X-Men 3 flick. Three heavy companies are weighing in, in addition to a wide assortment of smaller, specialized companies.

1.      WETA Digital- The New Zealand based Oscar-winning effects house credits include The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Van Helsing, I, Robot and King Kong. These guys know the business better very well.

2.      Rhythm & Hues- These guys worked on previous X-Films, in addition to LOTR and Superman Returns. They started work on visual effects for Phoenix last month.

3.      The Moving Picture Company- based out of the UK, these guys worked on Batman Begins, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. They are working on about 200 shots in the film.

 Many other good companies are involved on some level; you can find a more complete listing of the known ones (and what they are working on for the film) here.

 [via X-Men Films]

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