rockyQuick, raise your hand if you can say, "Yo, Adrian!" Half of Philadelphia lined up for the extras casting call for the sixth Rocky movie (are there really that many unanswered questions from the first five?). Mr. Rocky himself, also known as Sylvester Stallone, told Variety the newest Rocky flick will focus on an old, widowed Rocky who -- big surprise coming here -- decides to go back into the boxing ring. Again. No word on if Old Rocky will be wearing adult diapers and using a walker. 

The throngs waiting for their chance to be cast as extras in the film waited in line to turn in an app and a photo. According to casting director Diane Heely, they're looking for people who look "real",  with the character of Philadelphia (and perhaps an affinity for Philly cheesesteaks topped with Cheese Whiz?). So I guess that means Paris Hilton and the Desperate Housewives are out of luck.

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