Rocky BalboaThe first images of Sylvester Stallone as a bruised and battered Rocky Balboa have just surfaced through, of all places, ESPN. The pictures were taken before the Jermain Taylor-Bernard Hopkins fight this past Saturday at Manderlay Bay in Las Vegas. Although there are only two right now, it's enough to say that Stallone doesn't look all that bad for a 59-year old boxer. In the photos, it appears as if they were shooting some of the final scenes of the movie, as they are from the climactic fight between Rocky and the current Heavyweight Champ, Mason "The Line" Dixon. In the second pic, there's even one of them trademark fight posters in the background featuring Rocky and Mason with a message that reads, "Will vs Skill." We also get a peak at Milo Ventimiglia as Rocky Jr. all dressed down in a black and gold jumpsuit. Rocky Balboa will tell the story of a widowed and retired Rocky who, for some reason, gets the urge to step into the ring one more time after challenging the current Heavyweight Champ to a fight.
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