• ronsilver.jpgThe recent nomination of Ron Silver to the board of the U.S. Institute of Peace sparks a tense exchange between the actor and Deborah Solomon about his politics, Bush cronyism and the difficulties of being an outspoken Republican in Hollywood: "I think people in Hollywood are not thrilled with me. I have no direct evidence that a crime has been committed against me. At best I can only indict on perjury and obstruction of employment."
  • "I find that right now I'm totally sociopathic," Says Sundance co-programmer Caroline Libresco, one of the stars of John Clark's profile of the festival's process of weeding. "I can't talk to my friends. With so many images coming in, I've been wanting someone to do dream-type analysis on Geoff Gilmore's brain or Shari Frilot's brain."
  • Tony Scott tries to define mid-century modern as the hot new target for "period" filmmaking, via Good Night and Good Luck, Capote, Walk the Line and others. "Watching these movies, with their painstaking detail and their trompe l'oeil leading performances, we may also wonder how we got from there to here, a line of inquiry that the pictures frustrate by means of their elaborate visual fidelity. The difference between a period film and a historical film, in other words, is that while a historical film implies a continuity with the present, the period film, far more common in Hollywood, seals the past in a celluloid vitrine, establishing a safe distance between then and now."
  • Inspired by XBox 360 mania, John Leland asks, "Can games be something more than games? In other words, can they move people emotionally or intellectually in the manner of great art?"
  • "If you're working hard at any job, you have to treat yourself. Nobody's really taking care of you, so it's a good idea to buy yourself a piece of jewelry or a cashmere blanket. It's like, I earned this. If you wait around for someone to give you wonderful socks, you may miss out. Shopping is a great way to pat yourself on the back when no one else will." And with that, Scarlett Johansson inspires me to spend the afternoon at Bloomies ... or, at the very least, Crazy Loco 99¢.
  • David Carr, who writes a culture column for the Times' Business section, will begin his own version of The Envelope on Tuesday, called The Carpetbagger.
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