Steven SpielbergMan, I wish I could get my un-promoted movie a Time cover story. In the first paragraph alone, critic Richard Shickel falls all over him praising Munich and its director, calling it "a very good movie," complete with "all the virtues we've come to expect when [Steven Spielberg] is working at his highest levels." In case you're lost of track of Spielberg's particular glories, he goes on to provide a handy list: the film is "narratively clean...full of sympathetic...characters, and it is, morally speaking, infinitely more complex than the action films it superficially resembles."

Not only is Shickel wild about the movie, but he also got to interview Spielberg for the story - which is sort of odd, given the fact that the director, according to his spokesperson, "hasn't committed to any Q&As...[or] press junket[s]." Hmm. Maybe he and Shickel ran into one another at Starbuck's, or something.

[via GreenCine Daily]