Its A Wonderful Life's Christmas! Are you wondering what to watch tonight, or maybe you'd like to get some holiday DVDs for friends or family? Here's a handy guide, my choices for the best Xmas movies of all time, along with links to Amazon where you can buy the DVDs (the cool thing about Christmas DVDs? A lot of them are pretty cheap!).

And if you're wondering: both National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and White Christmas juuuuuust missed the list. 

It's A Wonderful Life - Really, do I even have to explain why this is number 1?
Miracle On 34th Street - This is a close second, because the film is just so marvelously entertaining and Edmund Gwenn is the perfect Santa. And it's a very American film, set in NYC during the holidays and featuring department stores Macy's and Gimbels as not just locations but characters in the film. Natalie Wood is quite excellent too (she was filming another film at the same time she filmed this, and it's amazing such a young kid could be so compelling while juggling two jobs.) 

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