ondine.jpgAccording to Page Six, Armin Amiri has been cast as Ondine in the upcoming Edie Sedgwick biopic, Factory Girl. As bodyguard at Manhattan's infamously star-studded club Bungalow 8, Amiri is probably acquainted with Sienna Miller, who is set to play Sedgwick, the debutante who slummed her way into Andy Warhol's life and art before dying of a heroin overdose. Most Warhol fans remember Ondine, who died in 1989 of liver failure, as the speed-addled star of many of Andy's films, including Chelsea Girls. According to the gossip sheet, Amiri is on set in Louisiana this week, so "those of you who rub Amiri the wrong way and can't enter the inner sanctum of Bungalow 8 when he's there, take note."
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