Citizen Kane Let's face it: Not many people read screenplays. Besides the folks that write them, the folks that are paid to read them and the folks that buy them, the chances of finding some average Joe on a bus skimming through the Casablanca script are slim to none. But that doesn't mean they're not worth your time. Contrary to what you're brainwashed to believe, it all begins on the page. Everything you see on the screen was originally created inside some deranged writer's head. While you spend about two hours with these characters, the writer will live with them for months, sometimes years. And just as the writer is climbing out their imaginary world, battered and beaten, ready to show the public their masterpiece - Hollywood comes along and screws it all up. While the screenplays below aren't the seven greatest of all time, they all share a unique and interesting voice. If you're a writer, a reader or just need to kill a few hours, I strongly suggest checking these out. By clicking on the title of each film, you'll be magically transported to the online version of each script. Enjoy!
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