Jessica Alba; Fantastic FourAfter months of pretending they had no idea what the internet was talking about, Fox has come forward with the shocking news that a Fantastic Four sequel is indeed in the works. The timing of this announcement, coming the same day as the X3 trailer and a mere 24 hours before the DVD release of the first installment, is guaranteed to send fanboys into a comics frenzy.

So, for those of us out of the comics loop, here are the important details: first, the entire cast is back (yes, boys, including Jessica Alba). Second, the release date is a not surprising July 4, 2007, exactly three years after the original was schedule to come out (though it was eventually pushed back a week because of a very reasonable fear of Tom Cruise). Third, director Tim Story and writer Mark Frost are back. There is still, however, no confirmation of villains, apart from the confirmation that Julian McMahon will not be back. Excellent - a lack of details means you are now free to return to your discussion of moles.
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