disney.jpgAnother Monday, another batch of slightly-crazed (and probably clairvoyant) comments from Robert Iger in the Wall Street Journal. The gist is that the Disney CEO is still determined to close the theatrical-to-DVD window – by any means necessary. "We'll have a conversation with theater owners to see whether we can move them more peacefully," he told the paper. "But I think in the end, it's going to have to be more by force than through negotiation or diplomacy." Iger says that he tried to broker deals to sell DVDs of Chicken Little at theaters where the film was playing; "But," he says, "There's so much fear now about change that no one wants to sit down and have a frank discussion."

If you couldn't tell by the fact that he's given two interviews on the topic to the same paper in two weeks, Iger's not backing down, and he's fully prepared for Disney to lead this charge whether the other studios like it or not. "The system right now feels like it's under stress and the consumer is definitely changing from a behavior perspective, and technology is allowing more change to occur either in distribution or consumption patterns. I think it behooves us to test the marketplace a fair amount and see what it will tolerate...No movie studio really wants to be first because it's like going over the hill first in battle. They don't want to take the most bullets."

So, that begs the question: is Disney bulletproof?

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