No doubt thanks in large part to the resounding success of the Harry Potter and LotR films (and the pending success of Narnia), fantasy books have become hot property for production companies recently. New Line has snatched up yet another fantasy for families title; Cornelia Funke's Inkheart. I’ve never heard of the thing, but apparently the story follows a girl whose father can make stories come to (literal) life when he tells them. Not surprisingly, the dad ends up getting kidnapped by a band of villainous rogues from a story, and it falls to his daughter and her literary friends to rescue him. Iain Softley will direct the film, adapted for the screen by David Lindsay-Abaire.

I imagine the odds are strong on this turning into an animated/digitally animated feature; and that’s probably not a bad direction to go with such a story. Am I really eager for this one to hit the screen? No, I couldn’t care less about it right now. But I imagine I’m a bit outside the target audience for a cutesy “family film” sort of movie. Is there anyone out there in reader land who has read the book and can offer us some insights?

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