Back in June, we reported on some early rumors regarding the nature of The Mummy III, and recent news now seems confirmed their validity. The new Mummy film will indeed depart the traditional Egyptian setting and head for the Orient – specifically, 1940’s China (yes, the Japanese presence in China will be noted in the film, for you history nerds keeping score). At the forefront of the story is the mighty (but very dead) Emperor Qin Shihuang, who is interested in…wait for it…world domination, which he plans to achieve by activating (perhaps by means of a magic button or something) his enormous army, which is handily still around thanks to a curse which turned them into terracotta and preserved them throughout the centuries.

Am I the only one that thought the Scorpion King was the third installment in the Mummy line- which would actually make The Mummy Goes to China part four. Whatever the case, apparently we haven’t had enough of the franchise-for which Brendan Fraser is probably quite glad. If I’m being completely open, something inside of me honestly enjoys the soft action of The Mummy flicks and the fresh-faced semi-action hero Brendan Fraser. They weren’t masterpiece films or anything, but they were good, honest fun. I think they are running dangerously close to overdoing it, however, with yet another film (some might say that they overdid it with Scorpion). Some early commentators are suggesting that “the script might not yet be on par with the previous installments in the series”, but come on, who are we kidding. The scripts weren’t fantastic to begin with. If you enjoyed the simple fun of the first two, you’ll probably enjoy the third. The news is early, however, so I’m sure as more info develops we will all take the occasional potshot.

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