Adam SandlerFunnyman Adam Sandler is soon to star in the biggest role of his life: "Daddy". The comedian and his wife are expecting their first child in the spring, according to a story posted on People magazine's website earlier this week. Nice to hear Sandler is getting some good news in his life; his beloved bulldog, Meatball, who was a member of the wedding party in 2003, died last year.

Sandler one of those Hollywood people I can't imagine having as a father. Probably he'd be a really fun dad, but I just can't picture having him as my dad. Other celebs I can't imagine having as my father: Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Paul "Pee-Wee Herman" Reubens, Robin Williams (too hyper), Robert DeNiro (too intense) and Tom Cruise (too freaky). What celebs would you not want as a dad? And which would you like to have as a dad (I was always partial to Mr. Rogers, myself...)

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