KerryBushHere's a movie in the works that has some great potential for political satire: a bumbling novice bank robber and his equally inexperienced buddies take advantage of an overwhelmed Iowan police force on a night when both major candidates in the presidential election hold dueling campaign parties. Director Jeff Wadlow (Cry Wolf) has written the screenplay for the heist flick, titled Hail to the Thief.

The story is loosely based on real events during the Bush-Kerry 2004 election battle. Wadlow, you may recall, produced Cry Wolf with a $1 million grant he won from Chrysler, and had to work Chrysler vehicles into that screenplay. No word on whether Chrysler is funding this flick, or what type of cars (can you say product placement? I knew you could) will be used in the getaway scenes for Wadlow's newest effort.

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