Christina ApplegateAh, it seems just yesterday I was reading about Christina Applegate's wedding to Johnathon Schaech in People magazine, thinking how lovely she looked in her wedding gown and what a nice couple they made. Now, just 12 short days after the tragic and unexpected end of the Nick Lachey-Jessica Simpson union, Applegate and Schaech have announced the end of their own four-year marriage.

Applegate, who first hit it big as trampy Kelly Bundy on television show Married...With Children, had most recently been playing the lead role in the Broadway musical Sweet Charity. Playbill reported November 21 that Britney Spears (?!?!) was in talks to take over the role from Applegate.

What's the deal with short-lived Hollywood marriages? Do you think rich Hollywood couples face more pressure than us ordinary folk? Don't have the time to work out issues with counseling? Unrealistic expectations? I don't know exactly what the divorce rate is in Hollywood, but it's gotta be a hell of a lot higher than it is for the rest of the world.

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