Tom CruiseEvery year, the folks at Film Threat put together a list of the "coldest stars, studios, and trends" in Hollywood. Topping this year's list is a crazy Scientology double (make that triple, actually, depending on when you think life begins) threat: Tom Cruise is number one and that pregnant chick he hangs out with is behind him all the way, just like she is in life.

Rounding out the top five are X-Men 3 director Brett Ratner ("we can all be pretty certain that the once promising X-Men movie franchise is now as useless as Professor Xavier’s legs"), Tom "Fake Wang" Sizemore, and poor Miss J-Lo. Meanwhile, waiting just outside the top five is Sylvester Stallone, who is surely eying a leap to Frigid greatness upon release of his Rambo and Rocky sequels.

So, apart from the obvious Tom and Katie, who would be on your frigid list? Does Madonna still count as an actress? Because anyone who insists on wearing a leotard in public at the age of 50 is colder than cold.

[via ALOTT5MA]
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