Harry PotterNo, that's not the name of the seventh Harry Potter book, but it may as well be seeing as our favorite teenage hero may be - dare I say it - making an appointment to meet with the Grim Reaper. According to Jim Dale, the voice behind Harry in the US audio books, not only has J.K. Rowling confirmed with him that the seventh book will mark the conclusion to the series, but that, after living with Harry for so long, she's pretty desperate to just kill him off. Die? Harry Potter? Say it ain't so J.K. When asked recently whether Harry would reach adulthood (Sex? Drugs? What's adulthood?), Rowling said, "You have to wait and see if he survives to be a grown-up." Oh, if that's not toying with emotions, I don't know what is. Thing is - she's not the only one saying it. Potter himself (Daniel Radcliffe) has also claimed that there's a "possibility he could be killed in the final book." Conspiracy, you ask? Perhaps. Is that how you'd like to see the series end - with Harry dead? C'mon, get it all out now folks. It will be easier on you in the long run, trust me.
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