Writer/director Len Wiseman, recently of Underworld fame (infamy?), is at it again. In an interview given at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention, he discussed his latest project, currently named Shell Game. It is a Sci-Fi piece set in the near (50 years) future, and focuses around “the illegal selling of immortality” on the black market. He says the project, which he started working on before Underworld, will be “a really cool character piece.” Wiseman is currently reworking the script, and hopes to begin production next year in L.A. No thought has yet gone into casting.

I wasn’t a fan of Underworld, and thus am not particularly excited about a new Wiseman project. I didn’t find the dialogue or characters to be particularly compelling in Underworld, and naturally have my doubts about his ability to write a “cool character piece.” Nonetheless, I am a geek, and I fully acknowledge that many a director has gotten off to a rocky start before achieving greatness (I’m lookin’ at you, P.J.), and so I find myself perfectly willing to give this one some time before I instantly disregard it as worthless. Stay tuned to Cinematical for news on further developments.

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