Batman On Film is one of the premiere sources for Batman film news on the web, and they have a dozy of a rumor for us today. It comes to us straight from a “longtime insider” that BOF says they trust “quite a bit,” and it involves a possible casting for British arms dealer Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin. I’ll let the tipster tell it to you directly, so I’m sure to not suggest or emphasize anything that is inaccurate.

“…now, this is nothing more than rumor, so make sure you provide your readers that disclaimer. I heard this from someone who has the proper connections and is usually on the mark. OK, the rumor is that The Penguin will appear as one of the villains in the next film, right? Got a name for you: Bob Hoskins.”

The tipster has more to say regarding his opinions on the casting, but I cut it there because that contains all the pertinent rumor info. BOF and the tipster agree, however, that this would be a fantastic bit of casting, and I am inclined to agree. Excepting the lackluster performance of Katie Holmes, Begins was fantastically cast; and should Hoskins indeed join the crew, he would be a welcome and fitting addition.

[via Batman On Film]

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