Relatively inexperienced writer/director Ryan McKinney is itching to take another shot at the thriller horror genre. The motivation for his new project came after he and his brother Regan had a highly disappointing experience watching a horror flick for which they had strong expectations. “We went to see this because it was a box-office hit and got [good] reviews, and [we] thought we could do it better. So on the drive home from the theater we came up with this incredible plot." McKinney and his brother loosely based their plot on events from a local town (El Cerrito, Calif.) during “the height of the spirit (Ouija) board craze.” In the film, a small town girl accidentally lets “all hell break loose (literally) in the attic of her house while playing with a Ouija board.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a big fan of the horror genre, so I don’t know that my opinions hold much weight in the area. Let’s make a deal…I brought you the news, you bring me some opinions. See that comment button down there? Click and share!

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