When Worlds CollideStephen Sommers (The Mummy, Van Helsing) is officially back on as writer and director of the When Worlds Collide remake. For those of you out of the loop, Paramount announced last spring that they were interested in remaking (or in Hollywood terms, a do-over) the sci-fi classic, When Worlds Collide. At the time, Steven Spielberg was all set to produce and Stephen Sommers was going to write and direct. Oh, and we were expected to be excited about this. Over the summer things changed when Sommers bailed on Worlds in order to direct and produce Fox's A Night at the Museum. Then, in September, Sommers dropped out of Museum (now helmed by Shawn Levy) due to "creative differences" (ie: Spielberg isn't involved with this one) and subsequently decided to collide once again with, what's sure to be, a gigantic CGI-filled extravaganza. Seeing as Sommers was already involved with the project, he feels he'll give the script a quick turnaround and could have a draft done within the next few months. Man, I can already see this bad boy shaping up to be a big summer disappointment. However, casting should be interesting. Pic will revolve around the earth being destroyed and the group of people lucky enough to leave beforehand and start things over again somewhere else. Tell me, if you had to select a group of popular actors to travel to another planet in order to re-start the human race, who would you choose?
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