zathuraBecause they've fallen into third place after being the top-earning studio last year, Sony had to fire someone get someone to fall on his sword. With yesterday's resignation of marketing head Geoffrey Ammer, the martyr was found - apparently the reason no one went to see Bewitched, Zathura, or XXX - was because of marketing. Who knew? Ammer was awarded industry "Marketer of the Year" prizes in 2002 and 2003, and ran the highly successful campaigns for both Spider-Man movies but, dammit, he should have saved Zathura!

Reactions to this news have been mixed: some feel Ammer's been hard done by, quite reasonably pointing out that "He can only market what they produce." On the other hand, though, some insiders do feel that he's at least partially responsible for Sony's dismal year. According to one producer, Ammer "makes his mind up beforehand whether or not he's going to really get behind a film. He's great on a 'Spider-Man' or (an Adam) Sandler film. But if he couldn't get his head around a film, he couldn't really market it." OUCH.

Despite the resignation, Ammer will see the month out at Sony, managing the remaining marketing for both Memoirs of a Geisha and Fun with Dick and Jane.
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