Batman on Film has revamped their Penguin rumors, adding another name to the ever turning rumor mill. Previously reported fan favorite Bob Hoskins is still in the rumor running, but another named has emerged from an inside source as also being a front runner for the part; Philip Seymour Hoffman. Phil is currently receiving heaps of praise for his work in Capote, and will next be seen in the upcoming Mission Impossible 3. The size of Cobblepot’s part in the movie is yet to be determined. Other Bat-rumor is currently suggesting that Sam Rockwell is campaigning for the role of the Clown Price of Crime, but it is not known if he is under official consideration for the role.

I’m personally still pulling for Hoskins, but I don’t doubt that Hoffman could pull the part off with considerable skill as well. Something about Hoskins just seems to speak to the eccentricity of the character. At any rate, it’s nice that all rumors so far have focused around talented and enjoyable actors. Opinions?

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