Artie LangIf you happen to listen to the Howard Stern show every morning because your computer at work doesn't have speakers, and the one station that comes in clear on your crummy out-of-date clock radio plays the shock-jock, then you're probably familiar with Artie Lange's film, Beer League. Lange, who plays the role of side-kick for Stern's morning show, has been busy lately trying to put together a low-budget film about a bunch of losers from New Jersey who play softball and come from behind to win something we probably won't care about ten minutes after leaving the theater. Anyway, the film wrapped over the summer and now there's word that Echo Bridge Entertainment has picked up it up and hopes to release it in theaters this spring. Lange co-wrote the script with Frank Sebastiano (who is also directing) and stars Lange, Ralph Maccio, Laurie Metcalf and a bunch of other stand-up comedians you may or may not have seen running the 2am shift over on Comedy Central.
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