bradandangie.jpgBrad Pitt's flack announced on Friday that the star was planning to adopt Angelina Jolie's kids – and yet there has still been zero official confirmation that the two are even dating. Now it looks like Brad and Angie's very reluctance to publicly confirm their commitment is coming back to bite them in the incredibly toned, expensive denim-clad ass. "This is not the easiest way of doing things," says David Baum, president of the Academy Of California Adoption Lawyers. "Frequently what you do if you are in a relationship with someone and you want to adopt their children, you marry them and do a step-parent adoption. There are extra requirements when you are not related by marriage to the children you are adopting." The whole process will apparently require mountains of paperwork, thousands of dollars in fees, reference letters (we're asssuming Fight Club won't suffice), and a waiting period of three to six months.

So, you're Brad Pitt. You can go through all of that, or you could just marry Angelina Jolie. What would you pick?
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