Dread Central is reporting that previously announced director Peter Medak is out as the man in charge of Rogue Pictures' planned remake of Medak's own 1979 supernatural creeper The Changeling. This runs counter to news from March when Medak himself announced his intentions to direct. Reports say that Rogue Pictures wants “a new visionary” to take the lead, following a new script by Paul Haggis. In case you are unaware of the original, it stars George C. Scott as John Russell, a widower who moves into what turns out to be a creepy, supernatural-filled house/historic mansion.

It seems like an interesting move, getting rid of the original director. It makes one wonder what sort of debates were going on behind to scenes to decide that the man who created the film is not the man who will have the best vision for a remake. Perhaps it simply boiled down to a desire to take the new version in a different direction from what Medak wanted. Thoughts or ideas, anyone?

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