Samuel L. JacksonIn the first of what is likely to become its own war sub-genre, Samuel L. Jackson and Eva Mendes have signed on to star in Home of the Brave, a drama about a Gulf War (II) vet. In the movie, which will be directed by Irwin Winkler, Jackson plays a doctor just back from Iraq. His wife, played by Mendes, "is thrilled to have him back until she slowly begins to realize the man that returned isn't the same as before he left. She really begins to worry when he starts unraveling before her eyes." Assuming the reason he isn't the same has more to do with the realities of what he's been through than, you know, possession by an evil spirit or something, this is could be a chance for Jackson to remind all of us that once upon the time he was an actor, not just a Cool Guy Who Wears Kangol Hats. We can hope, at least.

The movie begins filming in February, with Morocco standing in for Iraq.
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