CallistoMan, we just can get enough of superheros (And mutants. And bad guys.) around here: coming hot on the heels of the X3 trailer frenzy, the internet is suddenly full of new character stills from both that film and Bryan Singer's eagerly-awaited Superman Returns.

The X3 images, obviously, will be most informative to those of you who are familiar with the X-Men universe - what do you think of the casting and make-up, now that you know what everyone looks like? (Incidentally, it's important to note when looking at these images that the character names are above the photos. I was at first very surprised to discover that Rogue had turned into a boy.) Vinnie Jones' character is - visually, at least - very boring; anyone in the know care to share some info about Juggernaut?

And, as a special bonus, Jared's got a (Brandon Routh-centric) gallery up of Superman Returns shots, including our first look at Sam Huntington in his full bow-tie wearing Jimmy Olsen splendor.
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