wassuprockers.jpgWassup Rockers, the truly bizarre-sounding latest from pervert-turned-auteur Larry Clark, has been selected as the opening night film for this year's Slamdance film festival. Slamdance, which runs in Park City concurrently with Sundance, has sort of absorbed the latter festival's ex-function as a place for lesser-known filmmakers to showcase their work. As such, you probably haven't heard of most of the movies on the slate announced today; but, as last year's festival launched indie hit Mad Hot Ballroom and the soon-to-be-classic undistributed Four Eyed Monsters, that's probably not a bad thing. After all, you've heard of Larry Clark, and his movie apparently involves a crew of pre-pubescent skateboarders getting into Harold and Kumar-style trouble with a badly-cast lookalike of Charlton Heston. You can check out the full list at indieWIRE.
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