Big LebowskiReally, is there anything the internets can't do for us? You might not admit it, but you know that at some point in every profanity-laden movie, you find yourself thinking "For the love of Pete. How many times does he needs to say 'fuck?!'" Well, friends, thanks to a Wikipedia contributor with OCD, you can now find out - at least for some movies: meet the Fuck-O-Meter (which is not at all dirty).

I don't know about you, but my life is a little richer now that I know that The Devil's Rejects features 560 uses of "fuck" (that's 5.3/minute, by the way). That said, I'm a little alarmed to read that The Big Lebowski contains "fuck" 281 times. It doesn't seem like that many, does it? Really? Oh, man. I showed that movie to a high school class. Twice! Maybe it's good that I quit - once that got out, I would have been so fired.

Ahem. My personal problems aside, it really is worth checking out: the top 55 "fuck" movies are ranked, both by total number and frequency - I bet you'd never have guessed that Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat is only fourth.

[via JoBlo
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