Billi the VetSean Connery (Must...stop...thinking about Darrell Hammond), who confessed over the summer that all the "idiots" in Hollywood are on the verge of driving him out of the movie industry, isn't quitting just yet. Instead, he's agreed to lend his voice to the title character in Sir Billi the Vet, the debut feature from Glasgow Animation. Sir Billi - "a pillar of society" - actually looks quite a bit like Connery, which was possibly a factor in persuading him to take part in the low-budget project.

Joining Connery in the cast are Ruby Wax, who will play an American (of course) and the always-creepy Alan Cumming, who has the best role in the film as Sir Billi's "faithful companion Gordon the Goat." It's hoped that the movie will be ready for release by the summer of 2006.
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