I'd like to pause, a moment, for a bit of blatant self-promotion – there are two upcoming opportunites for y'all to throw tomatoes at me, so attention must be paid. First off, I was interviewed for Friday night's installment of Movies That Shook the World, an AMC documentary series produced by World of Wonder (the kids behind The Eyes of Tammy Faye, both versions of Party Monster, and the WOW Report). This week's episode is about the phenomenon that was (emphasis on past tense) The Blair Witch Project. I have $50 bucks that says they scrap everything I said on camera – except for the stuff about Dawson's Creek.

Then, next Friday the 16th, I'll be one of many bloggers on a panel at the Apple Store in Soho called – wait for it – Meet the Film Bloggers. It's at 7:30 pm and, when you run out of invective to spray on me, you can hurl compliments on Scott Macaulay (Filmmaker Magazine Blog), Alison Willmore (IFC News), Andrew Grant (Like Anna Karina’s Sweater), Aaron Dobbs (Out of Focus), and S.T. VanAirsdale (The Reeler). The event is being sponsored by indieWIRE; come on down and say hello. I promise, I'm totally awkward and not at all interesting in real life.