Castle WolfensteinDespite the dismal failure of their previous effort, Doom, iD Software is refusing to leave well enough alone. Next up in their game-to-movie pipeline? Castle Wolfenstein, a game I remember playing on an Apple II way back in the day. I assume there have been some changes since then.

According to iD CEO Todd Hollenshead, Wolfenstein will improve upon Doom because they've got some crazy, new ideas. Like, for example, "actively soliciting a Hollywood trained writer to help us out with the story and the dialog on the game." While hring a screenwriter to work on a game really shouldn't be a new idea, it's still a good one. Of course, Hollenshead goes on to say that the screenwriter might only be a consultant to "whoever writes the movie," so maybe Doom didn't teach them anything after all.

Talk to us here, gamers: are you truly looking forward to a Wolfenstein movie? Did Doom make you lose any faith in iD?
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