kurtcobain.jpgThis is, apparently, semi-old news to die-hard Nirvana fans, but it's only hitting the sites in *my* feedreader today. A documentary is currently in production about Kurt Cobain, which the grunge group's doomed frontman will narrate himself via a batch of interview tapes recently released by band biographer Michael Azzerad. Director AJ Schnack says he's hoping that the use of Cobain's own voice will help to humanize the rock icon, who has become something of a supernatural figure since offing himself in 1994 at the age of 27.

"Kurt has become this huge, larger-than-life figure. You’re completely unable to relate to him because he is such an icon," says Schnack. "That’s not how I felt about him when he was alive, and I feel like that’s been lost...And so I really wanted to deconstruct that a little bit, and what better way than to just let him talk?”Schnack built his $1 million dollar film around the 25 hours of interviews that Azerrad recorded with Cobain for his book, Come as You Are (which, at age 13, I read roughly 1200 times).  The film will break Cobain's life down into three sections: his childhood in Aberdeen, WA; the forming of Nirvana; and the band's rise to stardom and Cobain's eventual demise. Schnack says he's hoping to start submitting the doc to festivals in the fall.

There's no word yet if Courtney Love – Cobain's widow and the chief guardian of the estate - is endorsing the project, but Schnack will need to get some kind of clearance from her if he plans to use Nirvana's music on the soundtrack. Considering the sad state of Courtney's own career, one imagines that if he's willing to shell out an appropriate amount of cash, Schnack won't have any problems.
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