Joseph Gordon LevittJeff Daniels and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have signed on to star in screenwriter Scott Frank's directorial debut, The Lookout. The movie, which Frank (Out of Sight, The Interpreter) also wrote, is described as a thriller about "a mentally impaired former athlete (Gordon-Levitt) who works as a janitor at a bank and gets sucked into a heist." Added to the mix is a visually impaired (ok, he's blind) ex-biker, played by Daniels.

Though the plot is one of those that could easily turn into an incredibly bad movie, both Daniels and Gordon-Levitt are coming off greatperformances that won them a lot of acclaim, so one hopes they aren't choosing subsequent projects lightly. Gordon-Levitt, at least, has established a pattern of making quirky, interesting films with little or no attention to box-office potential, and Frank has proved that he can be an inspired writer - it seems like we can have some hope about this one.
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