Clive OwenBecause I get excited about any movie with the word "heist" in the summary, I've been looking forward to Spike Lee's Inside Man for a very long time. Thought it doesn't come out until next March, the trailer just went up at Apple, and I have to say that I'm even more excited than I already was. (And I swear it's not just because of Clive Owen. Really.)

The trailer opens with an American-accented Owen speaking directly to the camera (which is strange in that it's exactly the way The Libertine was promoted - I wonder if this is the hot new trend in trailers) about planning and executing the perfect bank robbery, just "because I can." What follows are shots of a very non-chaotic bank takeover, crosscut with the arrival of the very confident, no-nonsense hostage negotiator, played by one Denzel Washington. Moving the movie beyond your conventional cat-and-mouse game is the presence of Jodie Foster, who plays "a power broker with a hidden agenda." It's impossible to tell who she works for, but she's clearly used to getting her way. The whole thing is very impressive, from the acting to the production values. Just awesome. And the preview screening reivews floating around the net sound encouraging, as well. (That said, of course, the trailer for Revolver - another heist flick, you may recall - also totally seduced me, so I may just be a sucker.)

Something strange that struck me about the trailer was the resemblance of the text design used (the actors' names show up on screen) to that used to promote one of Washington's best movies, Devil in a Blue Dress. Not only is the graphic style - clean lettering mixed with a simple, abstract shape - noticeably similar, but the color (blue) is the same as well. I can't imagine it's an accident - clever, subtle marketing?

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