mpaa.jpgDirector Kirby Dick (the man behind Derrida and an Oscar nominee for last year's Twist of Faith) has made a documentary that he says will blow the lid off the Motion Picture Association of America's ratings board – that is, if he can actually get it shown anywhere. Dick's This Film Has Not Been Rated, which is set to premiere next month at Sundance, has, indeed, been rated: the MPAA saw fit to brand it with an NC-17. It would be fun to call this some kind of self-preserving conspiracy on the part of Dan Glickman's little kabal, but that's probably not (entirely) the case. Rated includes copious clips from films whose commerical prospects were dimmed after receiving that very rating.

According to The Guardian, Dick's film delves into various issues that have haunted the board since its 1960 inception at the hands of Jack Valenti: most notably, the double standard the board seems to operate under when it comes to sex vs. violence. Dick also apaprently investigates the members of the board, a list of names which has heretofore been kept relatively secret. Suffice it to say, Dick is none too pleased by the decision. "It is important that this film be seen by as many people as possible as it deals with an insidious form of censorship resulting from a ratings process that has been kept secret for more than 30 years," he said. No word yet on whether or not he'll appeal.